Dive Connect

Fixed infrastructure inspections & maintenance services

Structural inspections

Inspections are undertaken an all submerged marine infrastructure by skilled divers by 2 methods including Visual and ultrasound measurements these inspections are filmed all findings recorded visually, verbally and text reporting.

Underwater maintenance

This service includes all aspects of wet side maintenance including Cleaning, Inlet Screen repairs, Sterilization, Coating and Anode replacement.

Submerged welding

Our team is capable of conducting small are large underwater welding tasks.

Invasive species identification surveillance and removal

Dive connect offer our services conducting monitoring and identification of invasive species. These services extend to removal, disposal and on going eradication.

There are several methods used depending on scale of the invasive species population, type and location through research is conducted on each eradication programme including consultation with relevant departments who assist with developing the containment and eradication plans.