Dive Connect

Vessel maintenance services

Quarantine inspections 

Dive connect offer underwater quarantine inspection services which are dives conducted by skilled divers using CCTV and voice communications. Detailed footage and data is collected throughout the inspection we conduct the inspection on all wet areas including external hull, fittings and internal ballast tank spaces.

Structural inspections

Inspections are undertaken an all submerged marine infrastructure by skilled divers by 2 methods including Visual and ultrasound measurements these inspections are filmed all findings recorded visually, verbally and text reporting.

Underwater maintenance

This service includes all aspects of wet side maintenance including Cleaning, Inlet Screen repairs, Sterilization, Coating and Anode replacement.

Propulsion and steering system maintenance

This service targets improvement in fuel consumption by through cleaning and final buffing of components, together with condition inspections and reporting of working components.

Hull cleans

This service is targeted at clients desiring improving vessel performance and removing potential invasive species. Dive connect have equipment and tools to catch and recover marine fouling removed during cleaning.

Submerged welding

Our team is capable of conducting small are large underwater welding tasks.